GreenPlum 6.27.0版本新特性及pg_cron模块配置定时任务说明

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GreenPlum 6.27.0于2024-04-05已发布,GreenPlum的发布历史请参考:

GreenPlum 6.27.0 有以下几个新特性:

Greenplum Database 6.27.0 includes these new and changed features:

  • The gpfdist parallel file distribution utility now supports multi-threaded data compression and transmission.
  • The PgBouncer distributed with Greenplum Database has been updated to version 1.21.0.
  • The gpcheckcat utility now includes a new test -- mix_distribution_policy -- which checks for tables created with legacy and non-legacy hash operations.
  • This release updates the plcontainer version to 2.4.0 and the python3 image version to 2.4.0. Previous image releases cannot be used with the 2.4.0+ plcontainer.
  • The pg_config utility option --version now displays the version of the PostgreSQL backend server, and the new option --gp_version prints the version of Greenplum.
  • VMware Greenplum 6.27.0 introduces the pg_cron module, which provides a cron-based job scheduler that runs inside the database.
  • VMware Greenplum 6.27.0 supports Run-length encoding (RLE) compression with the Zstandard algorith, or zstd for column-oriented tables.
  • The log_checkpoints server configuration parameter is now set to on by default.
  • The gpsupport gp_log_collector tool now supports gathering logs for VMware Greenplum Disaster Recovery, via the new -with-gpdr-primary and -with-gpdr-recovery options.
  • The ip4r module distributed with VMware Greenplum has been updated to version 2.4.2.
  • With the 6.27.0 release, VMware Greenplum now supports the VMware Greenplum Virtual Appliance. The virtual machine appliance contains everything you may need for an easy deploying of VMware Greenplum on vSphere. See VMware Greenplum on vSphere for more details.
  • VMware Greenplum 6.27.0 enhances WAL archive recovery by preventing scanning of nonexistent WAL segment files.
  • You may now pass the -i and --differential in the same gprecoverseg command.



GreenPlum 6.27.0版本新特性及pg_cron模块配置定时任务说明

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