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Oracle Database release numbering has used the following codes:Oracle Database VersionInitial Release VersionInitial Release DateTerminal VersionMarquee Features
Oracle Database 23c23.2.0April 2023 (Linux) Oracle Database Free - Developer Release[10] September 2023 Oracle Database on Base Database Service[11]JSON Relational Duality, JSON Schema Validation, Transactional Microservices Support, OKafka, Operational Property Graphs, Support for SQL/PGQ, Schema Privileges, Developer Role, SQL Firewall, TLS 1.3 Support, Integration with Azure Active Directory OAuth2, True Cache, Readable Per-PDB Standby, Sharding with active-active Raft-based replication, Automatic SQL Plan Management, Priority Transactions, SQL Syntax Simplification, Annotations, Data Usage Domains, Column Value Lock-free Reservations
Oracle Database 21c21.1.0December 2020 (cloud)[12] August 2021 (Linux)[13]Blockchain Tables, Multilingual Engine - JavaScript Execution in the Database, Binary JSON Data Type, Per-PDB Data Guard Physical Standby (aka Multitenant Data Guard), Per-PDB GoldenGate Change Capture, Self-Managing In-Memory, In-Memory Hybrid Columnar Scan, In-Memory Vector Joins with SIMD, Sharding Advisor Tool, Property Graph Visualization Studio, Automatic Materialized Views, Automatic Zone Maps, SQL Macros, Gradual Password Rollover
Oracle Database 19c19.1.0 // 2019 (Exadata)[14] April 2019 (Linux)[15] June 2019 (cloud)Active Data Guard DML Redirection, Automatic Index Creation, Real-Time Statistics Maintenance, SQL Queries on Object Stores, In-Memory for IoT Data Streams, Hybrid Partitioned Tables, Automatic SQL Plan Management, SQL Quarantine, Zero-Downtime Grid Infrastructure Patching, Finer-Granularity Supplemental Logging, Automated PDB Relocation
Oracle Database 18c18.1.0 // 2018 (cloud, Exadata)[16] July 2018 (other)[17]18.17.0 January 2022Polymorphic Table Functions, Active Directory Integration, Transparent Application Continuity, Approximate Top-N Query Processing, PDB Snapshot Carousel, Online Merging of Partitions and Subpartitions
Oracle Database 12c Release March 2017August 2016 (cloud) March 2017 (on-prem) March 2017Native Sharding, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, Exadata Cloud Service, Cloud at Customer
Oracle Database 12c Release 2013[18] July 2014Multitenant architecture, In-Memory Column Store, Native JSON, SQL Pattern Matching, Database Cloud Service
Oracle Database 11g Release 2009[19] August 2013Edition-Based Redefinition, Data Redaction, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Cluster File System, Golden Gate Replication, Database Appliance
Oracle Database 11g Release 200711.1.0.7 September 2008Active Data Guard, Secure Files, Exadata
Oracle Database 10g Release 2005[20] April 2010Real Application Testing, Database Vault, Online Indexing, Advanced Compression, Data Guard Fast-Start Failover, Transparent Data Encryption
Oracle Database 10g Release February 2006Automated Database Management, Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, Grid infrastructure, Oracle ASM, Flashback Database
Oracle9i Database Release April 2007Advanced Queuing, Data Mining, Streams, Logical Standby
Oracle9i Database9.0.1.020019.0.1.5 December 2003Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle XML DB
Oracle8i Database8.1.5.019988.1.7.4 August 2000Native internet protocols and Java, Virtual Private Database
Oracle8 Database8.0.3June 19978.0.6Recovery Manager, Partitioning. First version available for Linux.[21]
Oracle 19967.3.4Object-relational database
Oracle 1995Shared Server, XA Transactions, Transparent Application Failover
Oracle 1994Parallel SQL Execution. First version available for Windows NT.[22]
Oracle77.0.12June 1992PL/SQL stored procedures, Triggers, Distributed 2-phase commit, Shared Cursors, Cost-Based Optimizer
Oracle Parallel Server
Oracle v66.0.1719886.0.37Row-level locking, scalability / performance, online backup and recovery, B*Tree indexes, PL/SQL executed from compiled programs (C etc). First version available for Novell Netware 386.[23]
Oracle v55.0.22 (5.1.17)19855.1.22Support for client/server computing and distributed database systems. First version available for OS/2. Correlated sub-queries[24]
Oracle v44.1.4.019844.1.4.4Multiversion read consistency. First version available for MS-DOS.[25][26]
Oracle v33.1.31983Concurrency control, data distribution, and scalability. Re-written in C for portability to other operating systems, including UNIX.[27]
Oracle v22.31979First commercially available SQL RDBMS. Basic SQL queries, simple joins[28] and CONNECT BY joins. Written in assembly language for the PDP-11 to run in 128KB of RAM.[29] Ran on PDP-11 and VAX/VMS in PDP-11 compatibility mode.




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